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Bay West Veterinary Surgery, Inc. is a specialty service group offering surgical consultations and specialty-level procedures at select primary, secondary, and emergency veterinary hospitals in the SF Bay Area.  We provide consistent excellence in surgical case management and client service and do this by committing ourselves to continuous improvement and by adhering to a priority order of patient, owner, and referring clinician/hospital.  We tailor our approach to every case but treat each one with consistent compassion and sensitivity, collaborating with the primary veterinarian to achieve the best case outcome. 



Dr. Filipowicz created Bay West Veterinary Surgery to fill the need for a service where everyone’s main priority is always the patient. The power of his approach comes from a simple but progressive idea: regardless of the number of patients, owners, or referring veterinarians, treat each as if none other exists. Whether you are a patient, a client, or a referring veterinarian, you will be made to feel special.

What does this mean for you? It means that Dr. Filipowicz will take the time to make your animal feel comfortable before evaluating it, and will not confine his examination to just its current problem. It means that he will take the time to get to know you, to get to know your situation and to help you articulate your goals in seeking specialty care. It means that he will present you with all the options, surgical or otherwise, in an impartial manner. It means that regardless of the treatment, Bay West will ensure that it gets performed in the best possible manner. It means that Dr. Filipowicz will work with and include your family veterinarian at all stops along the way. And it means that Dr. Filipowicz and the rest of the Bay West team will be available afterwards for you and your pet if there are any questions or concerns.

For the people at Bay West Veterinary Surgery, a special bond exists between ourselves, our patients and their owners. We know firsthand the difficulties that you and your pet are going through and how questions and concerns can arise in between scheduled rechecks. To help assure you, we are never more than a call, a text, or an email away. We don’t regard you as a bother, we regard you as family. If your consultation occurs at your family veterinarian’s or your animal’s surgery is performed there, Bay West is happy to return for rechecks and follow-up.

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